Irrigation Control

More than an irrigation controller, the Smarter Irrigation controller is not just the easiest controller to use but its programmable logic heart, lets you control everything on your farm’s irrigation system.

So from pumps to dams and even video cameras, you have it all in the palm of your hand using mobile phones, tablets or PCs.

Weather station connectivity and soil moisture sensors are just some of the many additional functions this controller can provide.

Typical Park Management

Multiple control systems with single purpose functions

Inconsistent approach to data management for all parks

High costs, low efficiency

Smarter Irrigation Control

A single system that provides multiple control and monitoring functions

Mobile phone remote access

Accurate recording of all usage data

Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:



Multiple pumps with or without variable speed control to manage the pressure in the lines using automatic pump quantity control.


Dosing Control

Liquid fertiliser dosing through the irrigation system saves time and money. Dosing is preceded by soil wetting and followed by watering in.



Liquid fertiliser or wetting agent dosing into the irrigation system with soil moisture feedback to 40 cm deep.


2-wire System

Where multiple solenoids are required that may need expansion in the future, 2-wire decoders can link 100 solenoids to a single cable


Tank Levels

Using submersible level transmitters in each tank, your water supply will be recorded and displayed in graphical format.


Multiple Locations

Using the Modbus protocol multiple locations can be connected using the mobile phone network or via radios.

Trusted by over 8% of Local Australian Government Councils

Over the last 30 years we have been working with local councils in Australia to deliver smart control systems. We've helped over 100 councils leverage our technology to save time, save money and streamline the operations and maintenance of their infrastructure.

Here are some of the councils currently using SmarterCTRL:

What our clients say

”We have 43 parks, 2 standpipes, several water tanks and 16 floodlights all connected through our Smarter Control System. Highly recommended, saved us over 200k per year in wages alone.”

Grant Voss, Town of Port Hedland

Need Control of more than just parks?

Your Smarter City Control System can expand to control other city infrastructure, including:


Floodlight Control

User pay approach to floodlight control with mobile phone and swipe card access for sporting clubs.


Bulk Water Access

User pay approach with swipe card access and central management for standpipe use


Tank Management

Central management of water tanks for fire-fighting or irrigation purposes with level alarms via SMS and Email

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