Smart Street Light Control

Monitor and Manage Citywide Lighting With Ease

The Smart City central management system allows you to take total control of your entire street lighting infrastructure. Monitor and control each individual street light or group of street lights though the secure and intuitive web application suite that is remotely accessible at any time, from anywhere.

Monitor Faults and React Quickly

Get real-time status information of every individual or group of luminaires. Receive alerts and notifications automatically when faults and outages arise. Turn expensive reactive maintenance to effective proactive maintenance.

Typical Street Lighting

Significant energy wastage

Significant air pollution

Significant light pollution

Environmentally irresponsible

Smart Street Lighting

Allows energy savings of up to 80%

Save energy radically, thereby lowering

CO2 emissions considerably

Reduces light pollution

A more sustainable living environment

Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:



The sensors enable on-demand lighting by automatically adjusting the brightness of the lamps according to human presence


Weather Resistant

Like other Tvilight intelligent street lighting

products, CitySense Plus and CitySense Lite were developed to withstand harsh outdoor



Advanced Human Detection*

The sensor allows filtering non-human movement, like that of animals or wind. Lamps will only react to human activity, e.g. to

pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

*Available in CitySense Plus only.



CitySense Plus and CitySense Lite can perform traffic density monitoring without additional sensors. The generated heatmap

shows the relative traffic density based on the number of relevant triggers received.


Full Remote Management & Control

You can read and control CitySense Plus / Lite lamps through our own software, CityManager, or any suitable third-party software


Neighbour Trigger

Upon detection of human presence, the sensors trigger all lights in the surrounding

areas turn to a pre-defined brightness level, visually creating a safe circle of light around

the occupant.

Trusted by over 8% of Local Australian Government Councils

Over the last 30 years we have been working with local councils in Australia to deliver smart control systems. We've helped over 100 councils leverage our technology to save time, save money and streamline the operations and maintenance of their infrastructure.

Here are some of the councils currently using SmarterCTRL:

What our clients say

”We have 43 parks, 2 standpipes, several water tanks and 16 floodlights all connected through our Smarter Control System. Highly recommended, saved us over 200k per year in wages alone.”

Grant Voss, Town of Port Hedland

Need Control of more than just parks?

Your Smarter City Control System can expand to control other city infrastructure, including:


Floodlight Control

User pay approach to floodlight control with mobile phone and swipe card access for sporting clubs.

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Bulk Water Access

User pay approach with swipe card access and central management for standpipe use

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Tank Management

Central management of water tanks for fire-fighting or irrigation purposes with level alarms via SMS and Email

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